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Work and life in balance?

More and more people are wondering how they can reconcile their well-being with constant hectic pace, professional performance and every day challenges.

Not everything goes "smooth" in life: time pressure at work, trouble at home, weight problems. Often, one's own efforts to cope with such difficulties are laborious and unsuccessful.

Here professional support by competent counseling can provide effective help. For example in the following fields:

• Stress and overwork

• Changes in the professional environment

• Fears, musings, inner unrest

• To be under pressure of time and performance

• Behavioral changes

• Family and relationship issues

• Personal crises and burdens

• Weight issues / to gain or lose weight

• More vitality in your leisure time

• More energy for elderly people

• Supportive counseling in case of illness

It is up to you to do something for your personal well-being, for your success and for your health. Arrange a very personal first meeting. It is worth it.

(Please note: this counseling is a private service and the costs are individually adjusted and calculated. The cost for private counseling or therapy can range from €75 to €150 for a one-hour session. The advantages of being a private client or patient, I will explain to you in detail in our personal first meeting.)

Let's get to know each other.

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