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More successful in business through more inner peace and increased creativity

How about a way to feel more comfortable and creative? Without a lot of bells and whistles?

I offer unique "... simply feel better" concepts for your successful company. By quickly and efficiently changing your emotional state and not by "old fashioned coaching", you can (again) / find deeper inner peace and strength and thus experience more happiness, contentment and a deeper sense of true fulfillment.
Whether individually or in small groups. Whether for the managing director(s), the management or the employees.
I offer multimodal emotion management which is process-oriented not solution-oriented! Why? Because from experience, only in the process, in the flow of conscious and unconscious "working with oneself" / "coming into contact with ones inner self", can the essentials of a personal development unfold. So a "solution" is always inherent! But individual at its best.
 I would like to accompany you so that also everyone in your company can relax and find their true center and really live their full potential. So you can, in addition to the intellectual and factual day-to-day business, also increasingly trust more and more your own healthy feelings having the potiential to bringing a better outcome. 

If everyone with a “good natural feeling” or healthy intuition (an intuition not clouded by irritating emotions) brings his or her “best” into the company, this, and this you already know, can lead to more and more successful and real efficient teamwork. And afterwards, at leisure, for a better rest and that is also beneficial for your health. Thus your family life benefits as well. So when you are in the office again the next morning you can start refreshed with new energy and better focus.

Emotion management has a special feature: you do not have to talk about a topic for a long time (you can, if you like, but you do not have to). To feel better, it's enough if you simply name your current discomfort as e.g.  anger, or "anger over", and so on, and then we bring this into balance.
More inner contentment and balance leads to more inner peace of strength / security and thus to a greater, inner vision, in order to successfully and in a more relaxed way to master the new challenges in this fast-paced time in your everyday business life (as well as in your private life).

In addition, I offer a unique form of Qi Gong. Instead of "needing" the 4th or 5th cup of coffee, because otherwise you might not know how to stick to it, I'll show you, whether in the office or at leisure, how to provide yourself with more natural energy. Then you can enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards ;-). I show you how to do that quickly and efficiently in a few minutes. (Some other Qi Gong offers are unfortunately only laborious gym exercises). I would like to bring the essence of my long years of Qi Gong practice as well as the essence from my contacts with chinese Qi Gong masters into your successful company. (On a special request, a Chinese Qigong Master can be invited as well.)

Sounds interesting?

The number is : +49(0)2054/9388 308

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I look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes,

Sven Timm

...just feel better.

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