About me

Sven Timm

When I was just a little boy my grandparents once asked me what I wanted to do later on in life professionally. I immediately answered: "Working with the people".

My passion was to help people right from the beginning. Although, following the family tradition, I initially became a classic businessman and a business economist and worked through all levels of the economy up to management consulting. And yet there was a strong desire to be more helpful to people on a different level. What I already did at that time, but not on the whole level.

Thus, at the turn of the millennium, I finally began to realize this very desire. This was followed by training as an energy therapist, psychological counselor and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy as well as training in various techniques of energy psychology and kinesiology. I also had a strong interest in the Chinese culture and medicine. So I learned Chinese and went on study trips to China for several years, where I also met with Chinese masters, who taught me a deep understanding of clarity, mindfulness, concentration, meditation, Qi Gong, and above all, health.

All these competencies are now incorporated in my consultations and coaching for you. Benefit from this rich wealth of possibilities and my strong intuition. We also communicate directly with your subconscious mind and your energy system.

There is a uniqueness with emotional issues: only if you want to you can tell me more about your emotional "problem". But to improve and to solve this emotional state and to feel better, talking about the problem is not absolutely necessary. And to many this feels very pleasant. In this way then you can really improve your well-being.

Nutrition issues can be tackled in the same way. Of course, more is spoken here. But we also communicate strongly with your subconscious mind and your energetic system. And that, in simple terms, will result in your personal and tailor-made nutrition guide. Tailored to your situation and needs. Thus, it is easier for you to have a good orientation in everyday life, what to do, on your way to your individual nutritional goal.

In the personal coaching, we then let all these elements come together to form a harmonious concept concert, in order to shed more light on your individual personality. Without the typical and maybe boring coaching process. Thus, you can positively increase your charisma, your creativity and significantly improve your communication with your employees, colleagues, supervisors, bosses and also with your family and friends.

Let us work together in a process-oriented way on your solution, which will surely surprise you, because it might not be that what you originally thought of. But ultimately, it can be the solution that you will feel in the deepest sense as a satisfactory solution.

This will be your very personal and extraordinary journey to the answers of your life´s questions. I look forward to accompanying you.

Let's get to know each other.

I look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes,

Sven Timm

...just feel better.

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